Friday, 11 January 2013


The sun in lagos as been cray of late and am begining to loose my mind becasue its really telling on my skin and so i decided to read online as to recommened sunscreen cremes to use and i must say i got some intelligent and relevant information.
The best way to protect our skin is by wearing sunscreen lotion daily as the leading cause of skin cancer is exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.
Black skinned people (men and women) rarely see the need to use sunscreen lotion to protect their skin against the rays of the sun because they hardly get burned. It is a myth that black people don’t need protection from the sun because our skin is just as susceptible to damage caused by the UVA and UVB rays.
 In the part of the world where i come from Lagos, Nigeria tobe precise, there’s 1885 hours of sunlight a year, an average of 5.2 hours of sunlight a day. Continuous direct and indirect exposure to the sun can cause premature aging of skin, irregular pigmentation like dark spot and potential skin cancer.
 We must all make it a point of duty to use a sunscreen lotion that is SPF 15 or higher, also it is important to be aware that sunscreen isn’t going to provide you with proper protection if you don’t apply it properly. Make sure to apply an ounce of sunscreen every 2 hours. Also, try and avoid the sun from 10am to 2pm if possible.. Kisses xxx
Banana boat ultra-defense SPF 15 sunscreen
Coppertone oil free foaming sunscreen lotion SPF 75+
Neutrogena ultra-sheer sunblock body mist spf70
Bullfrog marathon mist with UV extender SPF 36
Own invisible face and body block lotion SPF 30
Aveeno continuous protection sunblock lotion SPF 100
Primrose SPF 15 cream
Mercola natural sunscreen SPF 50 with green tea
ClarinsUv plus SFP 40
EltaMDUV pure broad spectrum SPF 47
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