Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hey Lovelies,

Colours are big these season coloured jeans,coloured blazers,coloured tops and coloured hair. People dont like bright bold colours but u could opt for something more sublte, Fashion is all about experimenting so how would you know if you dont try? A coloured blazer is the first step into the world of colours you could try a coloured blazer on a black outfit,then build up the colours from there... here are some pics for inspiration wink wink!!
 white is all time classic!!! you can neva go wrong. 
 Red blazers are hawt!! kim k sure knows how to rock them.
    Black blazers, A must have!!!.

 Bright and Beautiful

 Love Love Crested Blazers!!! They attract attention Simple.
I love Grey Blazers!!! they are just Chick cant Explain it.

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