Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weddings: Niger Delta

Weddings in the Niger Delta part of the country I must say are very colourful! Nigerian weddings are unique in ways enviable to non-Nigerians. The Major tribes in Niger Delta are Urhobos, Ijaws, Itshekiris, Ogonis, Edo, Ibibios and Igbos. Marriage in Nigeria extends beyond the couples directly involved; it embraces the extended families of the spouses, it's a marriage of two families. This is so because the families play very central roles in ensuring the success of the marital relationships from the time of courtship through the marriage negotiations to the contracting of the marriage.
U talk of the dressing, the accessories- coral beads/gigida, the very beautiful George materials, the foods and drinks and the general settings. Now with an infusion of western culture. I just love it. Proudly Nigeria-truly we are blessed with beautiful cultural heritage.

Written by Raliat Adelekan

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