Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fashion Spotlight: LAUREN PIERCE by Lauren Bush


 African Fashion has come a long way. African print is no longer only used in Africa but all over the world. Lauren Bush is an American designer and she on the spotlight today because of the above collection. She worked with our very own Popular Adire fabric and Just incase you dont know wot adire means, its a resist-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa. Adire in Yoruba Language means adire "tied and dyed," . I am absolutely in love with the color coordination and the designs.The Lauren Pierce collection is made with environmentally friendly fabrics that are of the highest quality as well as handcrafted fabrics from artisans around the world. Dont you just love the simplicity!!! Kisses xxx


African print dress-kitenge

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