Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Maxi Dress (how to wear it)!!!

The maxi dress is certainly not a new trend. It’s been slowly making it’s way into the Spring/Summer fashion musts for the last two years. You will hardly to find a store that isn’t selling the floor-sweeping items. Plus there are the long maxi-dress-inspired skirts.

I’m a huge maxi-dress fan,but honestly, this is not an easy trend for everyone to wear. But, mehn, it is comfortable!!! So how can you make the most of this uber-comfortable trend without looking like you put on a potato sack before running out the door? lol.

Here’s my how-to guide on wearing a maxi dress:

  1. Look for dresses that are fitted and have some built in shape. The existing shape will go a long way in making this fabric-heavy look more feminine.
  2. If there isn’t a shape already, but you love the dress, try to create a shape by adding a fitted sweater, jacket or even a belt. There are ways to create the illusion, without the fabric actually holding the shape.
  3. The hemline should nearly touch the ground or at least make it to you ankles. Any shorter and it looks like you purchased the wrong size.
  4. Look for dresses that use less material instead of more. There are certain maxi dresses that will make you look like you are swimming in yards of fabric – and that is not soo cool. Go for a straight look without extra material to add bulk.
  5. If you are short – wear heels with the dress to give you a little extra length. Making a curvy shape can be a good thing too, as it will cut-down on the drowning in fabric look and feel.
  6. Accessories! I love them! thats the first section i go to any time i enter a boutique/Fashion store, but really the right additions takes a basic maxi dress and really makes it pop. Think bold bangles, a colorful light-weigh scarf, a statement necklace, etc…
  7. Beware of patterns. There are so many dresses out there now that they come in every style, color and pattern. Beware of horizontal stripes as they will widen the entire look. Beware also of funky designs and how they fall, especially in the chest and rear areas.
  8. A camisole can help bring many of the falling necklines up to a manageable height so that you feel confident and comfortable without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. This happens to us a lot! lol
  9. Safety pins are a great way to ensure that a strapless maxi dress stays up and that you don’t need to be constantly adjusting throughout the day.
I hope i dint leave anything out? Leave your maxi-dress wearing tips below! Kisses xxx

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

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