Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi Guys,

Hmmmmmm!! where do i start from? I absolutely love ankara fabrics they come in very rich colorful design, they are mostly made of 100% cotton, they are cool and durable and they can be sewn into various styles.

Ankara fabric has been taken to a new level on the continent and beyond and is very visible on both local and international runways and so everyone seem to now appreciate its importance.

Ankara can be worn in diffrent styles, and everyone seem to be loving ankara jackets lately because they give you a corporate and yet a trendy look and they can be worn to the office, and even casually to the movies, birthday parties, visit friends, nite shows e.t.c. I will be sharing with your pictures of trendy ankara jakets i made for my clients and myself and i hope you luv them. kisses xxx

                                                                          BIOLA MOGAJI

                                                         MOI AND MOGJI

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