Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hey Lovelies,

Yes Yes Yes!!! apart from the fact that i make clothes as u will all know, i equally love good food and love to cook, so this week i will be teaching you guys how to make this stew called Ayamase dont know why its called that name doh lol. I had this stew with ofada rice at a friends place and omg!! i literally bit my tongue and am not kidding. Am sure you guys are no strangers to ofada rice they are everywhere from our local markets, to the supermakets,etc so u can always get that.
Back to the ingredients you will be needing for the Ayamase Stew:
4 large green bell peppers ( Green Tatashe)
1 large red pepper ( Red Tatashe )
1 medium red onion
6 chilli peppers (Ata Rodo )
Assorted Meat as you like it eg:( Goat meat, shaki, Pomo, beef) *chopped into smaller pieces*
2 tspns locust beans (Iru)
2 cups palm oil
3 cubes maggi (any maggi of your choice)
Salt to taste


  • In your blender, put your green, red, chilli peppers and onion.
  • Set a medium size pot on medium heat, add in the blended peppers, boil for 30mins.
  • Set another large pot with a tight fitting lead on low heat, add in the palm oil. blanch the oil for 25-30mins (It will definitely get smokey, so please  make sure have a fan around or take the oil out of the kitchen every now and again. Thank you!! )
  • Increase the heat on the oil to medium after the 30mins mark, add in the parboiled pepper, maggi, salt and locust beans. simmer for 10mins.
  • Taste and adjust for salt, now add in the precooked meat. Cover the sauce and simmer on low heat for another 30mins.
Your Ayamase sauce is ready to serve with your Ofada rice, you can have it with a cold glass of orange juice or water and offcourse plaintain. Yes i love foood!! Thank you *Big Smile*
I hope someone will be making this sause this weekend and sending me the picture and if you are too tired to do make it you can always order from my friend Nike(Mobo Kitchen) she makes delicious Ayamase sauce and it was at her place i first had the sauce.
You can call Nike on 08033521220 and it will be right at ur door step. Kisses xxx

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